St. Stephen’s Episcopal Cathedral has a new friend: Flat Steve. Illustrations of the parish’s namesake recently took their place next to the bulletins in the back of the sanctuary. Curious parishioners picked up a copy from the stack and found instructions on the reverse side:


I’m Flat Steve. 

I am from St. Stephen’s Episcopal Cathedral and School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

I am traveling this summer.

I love to send home pictures!

Use this hashtag on Facebook or Instagram:


How to Participate:

St. Stephen’s welcomes “kids” ages one to one-hundred to get involved. To participate, pick up a Flat Steve of your own in the back of the sanctuary. Posted photographs should include the #FlatSteve2018 hashtag and information about the location. Images posted using public settings will be re-posted on the cathedral’s Facebook page on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

In addition to being found on Facebook, the initiative will have a presence outside the Bishop’s Parlor. There, parishioners and guests will find a map of places where Flat Steve has been spotted and can also drop off photographs in person.

About the Project:

The Flat Steve Project encourages parishioners and friends of the cathedral to take a piece of St. Stephen’s “on the road” with them this summer whether traveling internationally or visiting their favorite local haunts. 

“Flat Steve is both a really fun game that we can play as a cathedral community, and a reminder that our community identity can travel along with us in the summer,” explains Rev. Amy Welin, Acting Dean of the cathedral.


The Flat Steve Project is inspired by the Flat Stanley Project. This well-known literacy initiative asks students to share their photographs of the children’s book character Flat Stanley in various locations. The international project educates children about different parts of the world and promotes reading in a fun way.

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