This Sunday, January 27th, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Cathedral will hold its annual parish meeting. There will be one Sunday Holy Eucharist service which will begin at 9:00am. Immediately after the service, the annual meeting will be held in the Uppercroft. Brunch will be provided.

At the Annual Meeting, the congregation will hear reports from the Acting Dean, the Senior Warden and the Treasurer about the state of the parish and our plans for the future. The congregation will also elect its representatives to the Vestry (the governing body of the cathedral parish) and its delegates and alternates for the Convention of the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania (the governing body of the diocese).

Nominees to serve a three-year term on the Vestry:

  • Anthony Alexander, for re-election to a second term.
  • Ryan Tobin, for re-election to a second term.
  • Hazel Traüffer, for election to a first term.
  • A fourth position is open and we will solicit nominations from the floor.

Delegates to the Diocesan Convention (one-year term):

  • Judy Clemmer
  • Rick Breach
  • Kim Breach
  • Jim Elliott
  • Ann Elliott

Alternate Delegates to the Diocesan Convention (one-year term):

  • Anthony Alexander
  • Michele Campbell
  • Adrian Hennessy
  • Michael Taylor
  • Chris Thomas