St. Stephen’s Episcopal Cathedral will host Icons in Transformation from September 1 through November 3. Icons in Transformation is Ludmila Pawlowska’s artistic interpretation, through paint and sculpture, of her experience of prayer and connection with eternity.

While the exhibit includes both traditional icons and contemporary art inspired by classical icon-painting techniques, it is not an exhibition about icons. The exhibit focuses on iconography as an inspirational source for contemporary artistic work.

Artist Ludmila Pawlowska prefers to show her work in churches. She says “Churches and cathedrals are holy spaces; in a way this enables people to understand the contemporary approach of spirituality, thus our exhibition Icons in Transformation.”

The exhibit will be open on Sundays from 12 noon until 3 pm, and on two Friday evenings September 20 and October 18 from 7 until 9. The exhibit is open to the public in the Riverfront Gallery of the Cathedral without charge. There can be private tours (for a small donation) by appointment. (Contact the church office to arrange a private tour.)

Pawlowska’s art is also available for purchase.

Raised in exile in Khazakstan, Ms. Pawlowska was immersed in the Orthodox tradition of Christianity. As an artist who now lives in Sweden, she has been inspired by the power of icons, and their ability to radiate love and eternal light.

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Cathedral was consecrated in 1826. Today, its Sunday morning congregation strives to embody justice and openness to a faithful future, to which the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania is committed through its mission strategy.