Our Parish Guilds work behind-the-scenes to ensure that the worship service is reverent, beautiful, accessible and enjoyable for all. If you are interested in learning more about any of our Parish Guilds, please contact the Cathedral Office.

Altar Guild

The service of the Altar Guild is to prepare the altar and sanctuary for all of the services offered at the Cathedral, from the small intimate weekly services to large Diocesan or Festival events. The Altar Guild consists of approximately twenty members who work in teams of four, in collaboration with the clergy. The teams serve one week per month, washing and polishing silver and brass, laundering and ironing lines, changing the hangings according to the church season, cleaning the sanctuary area, setting out all of the candles and other items necessary for the service.

It is a privilege and an important and solemn responsibility to set the table for the Holy Eucharist. With love and devotion, the members report to attend to the appointed tasks on their assigned week and volunteer to cover special services as needed. Many of the members have been on the Altar Guild for years;  their dedication and commitment is unwavering and the bond among the members  is strong. New members are always welcome to assist with this important service of the altar.

Flower Guild

Our creative, talented, and artistic Flower Guild is outstanding! They create floral arrangements for all services in the Cathedral to enhance the worship experience with nature’s beauty, exquisitely arranged. Whether it is a special diocesan event, Christmas or Easter when the Cathedral is draped with floral beauty, bridal parties with their bouquets, or table arrangements for parties or receptions, the genius of the Flower Guild members shines forth. Their talents are well known beyond the Cathedral walls, as they assume responsibility for special events in the greater Harrisburg area.

Technical Guild

The Technical Guild manages our sound and lighting systems before and during services. The goal of the Tech Guild is to make sure that everyone is able to comfortably hear everything that is said, and to highlight the beauty of the worship service through lighting. No prior experience with sound or lighting systems is required to serve on the Technical Guild — new members are provided with training and mentoring on using the Cathedral’s sound and lighting systems.

Hospitality Guild

The Hospitality Guild makes sure that every special event — including Sunday services — has plenty of coffee, refreshments and snacks available. The guild also organizes and prepares special meals for a variety of events at the Cathedral.